Different & Equal (D&E)


Eastern Europe

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GMT+2 (Local time: 6:21 PM)

Office Hours
08:30 - 16:30
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Organization's mission

D&E is a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing high quality reintegration services for victims of trafficking, exploitation and abuse, and to improving the legal, institutional and social context to prevent and counter these violations of human rights.

International Legal Framework

UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime (UNTOC)
Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice

UNTOC Working Groups

Human trafficking

UNCAC Chapters

Preventive measures

Areas of work

Human trafficking
Child labour
Asset recovery
Crime prevention
Victim protection
Reintegration services for Albanian victims of trafficking and their children including residential and community services

Areas of interest

Human trafficking
Child labour
Victim protection

Skills and Expertise Offered

Advocacy, including media relations
Monitoring and research
Bringing forth/aiding judicial cases
Sharing experiences and best practice
Support with freedom of information requests
Joint-project submissions
Connections with governmental counterparts

Skills and Expertise Needed

Sharing experiences and best practice
Joint-project submissions

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Engagement type

Area of Prevention of Human Trafficking.

Organization work linked to UNTOC

D&E is part of any action dealing with issues of anti- trafficking in human beings organized in national level (member of NRM, National Tasc-Force, KKSAT).

Public-Private partnership initiative


D&E actively supports and participates in several national and international coordination structures such as: Informal network of 9 organizations in 6 Balkan Countries for collaboration in the Trafficking Victims Reintegration Program financed by King Baudouin Foundation. - Global Network of Women’s Shelters - Coalition “Justice for All” - Renate network - National Network for Public Legal Education.

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