WhatsOn is an online platform designed to bring together relevant stakeholders in the fight against transnational organised crime, including non-governmental organisations, academia and the private sector.

Featured Human Story

Because the human dimension of the fight against organised crime must be put in spotlight, you can find here a featured Human Story on the impact of the work of members of the WhatsOn.


Multistakeholder Database

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), academics and private sector entities play an important role in providing first-hand views and solutions to transnational organized crime, educating societies about different aspects crimes, as well as support victims of organized crime.

COP UNTOC Resolution 9/1 which established the Review Mechanism provides for constructive dialogue on the review process with relevant stakeholders, including non-governmental organizations.

This database contains relevant information on NGOs, academics and private sector entities working to prevent and combat transnational organized crime, including specific areas of work and collaborative interest and additional information.

Knowledge Resource Database

Access to relevant resources is key in ensuring informed actions by our stakeholders. This database contains relevant resources made available for all stakeholders working against organised crime, including resources on UNTOC, on corruption and on cross cutting issues.