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The interagency institute was built as a collective of expat women PhD researchers. We publish 2 Policy Briefs per month (a total of 65 already published). We were involved in important international events such as the Fundamental Rights Forum, Humanitarian Partnerships Weeks, and OC24h Conference on Global Organized Crime. We have made advocacy at the UNODC and participate into the SE4U initiative. We are focused on connecting the Global South (Portuguese and Spanish Speaking Countries), and inter-agency cooperation enhacement. 

Organization's mission

The InterAgency Institute was established in December 2020 as a digital think tank, founded by expatriate and Global South women as a collective of researchers. The IA is driven by the goal of working on behalf of human security in two dimensions: local development and global security. 

UNTOC Working Groups

Human trafficking
Migrant smuggling
Firearms trafficking and manufacturing
International cooperation
Review mechanism

Areas of work

Human trafficking
Smuggling of migrants
Firearms trafficking and manufacturing
Crime prevention
Inter-agency cooperation

Areas of interest

Human trafficking
Smuggling of migrants
Firearms trafficking and manufacturing

Skills and Expertise Offered

Monitoring and research
Sharing experiences and best practice
Joint-project submissions
Connections with governmental counterparts
Simulations and gaming

Skills and Expertise Needed

Joint-project submissions

Does your organization engage with UNODC


Engagement type

Publishing studies on crime combatting frameworks, researching on routes and interagency schemes, building OSINT database, advocacy.

Organization work linked to UNTOC

Public-Private partnership initiative


Cybersecurity Working Group (Igarapé Institute, Brazil); Paris Call Working Groups (Advancing Norms + South South Cooperation)

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